B2B e-Commerce
Leverage costumers desire to order at their convenience and take advantage of the trends to purchase online. Despite the sales channel used, offer an industrial-strength storefront.
With powerful guided selling and configuration tools, even manufacturers and distributors with large product repositories and complex configurations can capitalize on industrial e-commerce. Signature’s B2B e-Commerce provides specialized e-commerce functionality with easy ordering for distributors, key accounts, and end-users. Trends to buy online continue to rise across market segments. Increase sales and gain new leads by offering online procurement!
Complete e-commerce shopping cart based on manufacturers needs; live inventory, shipping times, and lead time
Secure user interface and flexible ACM (Access Control Management); ability to enable e-commerce for specific users such as registered guests, key accounts, and distributors only
Integrates with ERP and CRM; show net-customer pricing and complete the order seamlessly
Gain new customers and reach engineers in the research phase with minimal marketing and channel support
Automate the sales cycle! Especially with spare part components and standard product ranges, Signature e-Commerce allows the full sales cycle to be streamlined
Enhance the customer experience by offering visual guided selling and product configuration tools during the purchasing process