Product Configurator
Provide user-friendly guidance in product selection of even the most complex of products, and save the company time and money in the process!
Designed specifically for highly customizable products, the Signature Sales Configurator is a powerful tool that centralizes product data and rules, optimizes product definition, and empowers all users in error-free product assembly and selection process. Managing MTO/BTO (Make/Built-to-Order) products with complex configurations and options is a challenge many manufactures face. The Configurator captures “tribal” knowledge of the company and makes everyone a pro in product selection.
Rules-driven configuration with user-friendly front-end interface to accurately configure feasible combinations based on their restraints and unique combinations
Automatically generated product code and direct access to rich data, submittal info, CAD files, and order information
Step-by-step visual wizard showing product imagery throughout process
Easy to edit, and manage configuration rules and dependencies
Integrates with ERP, CRM and other IT infrastructure
Directly interfaces with e-Catalog and Quoting software for complete Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution
Eliminate bottlenecks in configure to quote process; configuration and quoting time is dramatically decreased with this robust tool. Free up engineers time in sales process!
Standardize and increase product configuration accuracy. Centralize and manage rules from single source with no programming
Arm users with configuration rules to specify needs for their required application and empower all users to select and define the product