Guided Selling Software
Interactive guidance in product selection. Harvest accumulated knowledge of company experts and empower all users.
Whether it’s the sales team, a distributor, or an end-customer, providing guidance to locate products on-demand and error-free creates a huge benefit for all parties involved. Signature’s Guided Selling platform is intuitive, highly-visual, and multilingual. It supports the user through the complete product definition process regardless of the complexity or number of products. People across industries are moving online to research and obtain enriched data; so give them what they want… when and where they need it!
Step by step product selection to help the user define the desired product in a common language
Representative images and direct access to enriched data for users to easily find and review their defined product
Integrates with ERP, CRM and relevant IT infrastructure
Support the complete sales cycle; Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
Increase customer loyalty, gain new leads, and increase sales by making it easy and fast for customers to order from you
Harvest the knowledge of the best sales person and product engineer, and empower everyone with product wisdom at their fingertips
Time is valuable! Stay competitive in a global market by offering advanced, interactive online tools 24/7

Improve sales process and decrease configure and quoting errors


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