Key Account Portal
Treat your most valued customers differently; offer easy-to-use online applications customized to their product line.
As the Financial Times defined it, Key Accounts are “The art of developing long-term relationships with selected customers.” The Signature Key Account Portal helps manufacturers demonstrate increased value to their key accounts by offering personalized Guided Selling and Industrial e-Commerce functionality. Leverage the 80/20 rule and support your most influential and important clients with customized business applications; demonstrate value, gain sales.
Intuitive and user-friendly Configuration, e-Commerce, and Order Management interfaces
Display customized product lines and branding and offer easy access to submittals and product data
Convenient access to negotiated pricing and products
Linked with main company product engine to easily keep all data consistent. Read more about the Signature Network
Improve Key Account processes and save time and money for both parties by reducing need for product inquiries
Increase sales by influencing what they see. Long after negotiations are finished, easily expose negotiated products and pricing across teams
Reduce costs of answering phone calls and product inquiries, and of maintaining customized print information