Multi Channel Publishing
Use a single source of information for all publishing needs and optimize data management.
Product data is used in multiple functions, from brochures to websites to configurators, the output can vary tremendously, yet the data has to be consistent. Signature’s Industrial PIM centralizes all product data and funnels it for online applications (mobile, tablet, website…) and offline publications (catalogs, datasheets, submittals…). Think easy, think smart and reuse your data for multiple procedures; administer online and offline publishing from one location!
Centralized product repository with unlimited data attributes and characters
Generate tailored catalogs, spec sheets, and other materials for specific markets and customers… quick and easy
Administer information from central cockpit with user-friendly interface
Increase data accuracy and create satisfied customers and employees with up-to-date data!
Decrease time and costs in generating print documentation
Increase sales with customized and up-to-date information
Streamline workflow across creative, marketing, and technical departments