Industrial PIM
Single source of truth for all product information tackling the industrial needs of managing and distributing data.
Industrial manufacturers and distributors face unique obstacles of complex data and configurations, large product repositories, and the need to use product data in multiple outputs, i.e., online, print, configurators, etc. Signature’s Industrial PIM (Product Information Management) is a powerful and robust engine that not only maintains marketing and technical data in a central source, it has the unique capability of managing complex configuration rules alongside data. The Industrial PIM, advanced technology specialized for today’s industrial needs.
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Unlimited product data, attributes, characters, configuration rules and users!
Create a virtual data “firewall” to product inconsistency by defining a strict data entry policy
Secured, flexible ACM (Access Control Management,) user-friendly back-end UI and multilingual administration cockpit
Workflow to streamline data management processes
Runs online application from one source! Configurator, e-Catalog, Guided Selling, Web-to-Print, e-Commerce, and Networks for distributors and key accounts.
Aggregate your data and centralize all information into a single source of truth
Increase customer loyalty and sales by offering consistent and up-to-date product info
Reduce operating expenses and decrease engineering involvement in the sales process by sharing product data across departments
Decrease time and effort in updating both online and offline sources, easily edit and maintain data from a central source
Standardize the dataset and maintain system-wide data consistency