Signature Spring2012
  • System Launch: Netafim Launches Signature Configurator
  • New Product Update: Complete Quote & Proposal Generation
  • Industrial Solution: Distributor Connect
  • Upcoming Exhibitions

System Launch: Netafim Launches Signature Configurator

Global leader in irrigation solutions, Netafim launched their Signature-IT Configurable e-Catalog platform for their Turkish Subsidiary- Netafim Turkey. With locations worldwide and a large supplier base, Netafim turned to Signature for a solution to streamline data management and access to products. With online configuration tools, customers and representatives around the world can view and obtain complete and accurate data— when and where they need it.

“Signature is excited to provide this solution for Netafim,” says Signature-IT CEO Roi Atzmon. “In a globally competitive market, providing rich data on-demand and managing it effectively, is vital for a company’s success. Netafim is a leader and innovator in the irrigation sector, and with our solution, they are able to continue that innovation in the way they market and sell.”

New Product Update: Complete Quote & Proposal Generation

Signature is excited to announce the product update for their quote and proposal generation module. With added workflow and approval management features, the configure to quote process is streamlined and automated. Many companies struggle with long quoting times and fight inaccuracies. With the Signature Quotation Module, the sales team and distributors are able to configure, price and quote (CPQ) on-demand even the most complex of products.

Industrial Solution: Distributor Connect and Key Account Portal

Would it be helpful to you and your distributors to have direct access to product data, prices, and inventory levels? Do your key accounts require personalized catalogs and easy access to submittal information? By leveraging the 80/20 rule, manufactures who invest in their top distributors and accounts increase sales and loyalty. With Signature-IT’s Distributor Connect and Key Account Portal, users are empowered with rich information at their fingertips regardless of where they are. Learn more about the Signature Network that enables control of product data by the manufacturer, yet allows distributors to display all their manufacturers’ products. Create customer loyalty and streamline the research to buy sales cycle by delivering what your customers need-- fast and easy access to complete data.

Upcoming Exhibitions

To continue building relationships with our current customers and understand better our clients’ markets and their needs, we will be exhibiting and visiting the upcoming exhibitions. We hope to see you there!

Signature will be Exhibiting at MCE- Milan, Italy March 27-30. One of the world’s largest international fairs, over 2000 companies from heating, cooling, water, and energy will exhibit in this bi-yearly expo. Stop by our booth- N34 and say “Hello!”

Signature will be visiting the Mid-America Trucking Show from March 22-24 in Louisville, KY as well as the annual fire protection conference and FDIC Show April 16-21, 2012 in Indianapolis, IN.