Signature Summer2011
  • Signature PIM Version 2.4
  • Netafim joins Signature’s Customer base
  • Product Focus: Technical Library
  • Signature SMB Valve World Campaign
  • Upcoming Exhibitions

New Product Update: Signature Industrial PIM Version 2.4 Released

Signature-IT is delighted to announce the new version launch of its leading Industrial Product Information Management (PIM) solution. The Signature Industrial PIM is tailored to the unique needs of industrial manufactures and comes to serve as a central repository for all product data and company know-how. The Signature Industrial PIM can be licensed in conjunction with Signature e-Catalog, and Network solution to support all media channels for data distribution. The new features include: built-in configurator support for dynamic product creation, multilingual capability, “go-to-print” publishing module and the very popular e-commerce component.

Netafim joins Signature’s Customer base

Further strengthening Signature-IT’s position within the irrigation sector, Netafim, the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions, has chosen Signature’e-Catalog, Configurator and Network as their corporate product information management solution. This platform will allow Netafim suppliers to streamline and control all product related information directly within the Netafim e-Catalog. Completely integrated into the Netafim global website, the e-Catalog will be available 24/7 for all distributors, reps and end-users. Not only will the system be utilized by all subsidiaries, the Network solution allows for only relevant product information to be presented on each specific subsidiary e-Catalog.

Signature SMB Valve World Campaign

In appreciation of the 1st USA Valve World Show, Signature-IT is offering a deal for small and medium USA based manufacturers and distributors. Visit our website to learn more about this promotion! Hurry as the deadline is August 31, 2011!

Product Focus: Signature’s Technical Library module makes it easy to manage and associate 3D CAD file documents and videos

Signature’s e-Catalog is equipped with a robust taxonomy based Technical Library module that facilitates the need of managing multiple documents and files and associating them with numerous products and product groups. The Technical Library is based on the advance Signature “PIM oriented” administration system and serves as an internal file management system. Administrators can link through “labeling”, relevant CAD drawings to their specific product and associate warranty or maintenance documents.

The Technical Library is “hot wired” into the systems multilingual support engine allowing for easy maintenance of all translated content. The Technical Library is subject to the systems main access control module (ACM) ensuring the utmost security for confidential information and the ability to control access to all managed resources. Do not miss out on this unparalleled system!

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Discover Signature-IT’s e-Catalog, PIM, Configurator and Network at these different events in North America!

-Signature will be exhibiting at the WEFTEC Exhibition in Los Angeles, California. Come visit our booth from October 17th-19th!

-Signature will also be exhibiting at the Irrigation Show in San Diego, California from November 6th-8th. Drop by our booth to learn more about our solutions for the Irrigation Sector!

We hope to see you there!