Signature Winter2010
  • Signature e-Catalog version 2.3 Released
  • Signature Hybrid Configurable Catalog Released into Beta
  • Successful Participation in Automechanika and Irrigation World 2010 Expos
  • Key Upcoming Events

Signature e-Catalog version 2.3 Released

Signature-IT has announced the general availability of Signature e-Catalog version 2.3, with numerous new features. These include:

  • Improved Multilingual Support

    The catalog now supports 25 languages.
    A translation management interface allows export and import of data for offline translation.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features and user interface

    - Multilingual SEO compliancy
    - Front- and back-end interfaces for customer control and editing of all SEO data
    - SEO data cascades to all levels of the system
    - Logic-based SEO data generation for dynamic entities
    - SEO-friendly Content Management System
    - The catalog source code has been reviewed in its entirety by a 3rd party SEO specialist and updated to ensure   maximum SEO compliancy.
  • Dynamic Product-Selector and Table View Configuration

  • Users can define the product selection method by choosing between dropdown menus or "classic" table view (vertical and horizontal).
    Choosing the table view will display the product's attributes in columns and will show the implications of each technical selection as options are “greyed” out.
  • Signature Network-ready

  • - Fully compatible with the Signature Network for inter-connection of multiple Signature catalogs. Global   companies can now maintain country-specific catalogs, while controlling all technical data from a single, central   source.
    - A notification mechanism automatically updates all global networked users on changes in the central catalog.
  • Alternative Layout and Design Management

  • - Catalog users can now easily select a design and look & feel from a library and customize the selected interface    to match their specific requirements.
  • Improved front-end functionality

    - Administrators can control catalog features from the standard user interface, without needing to access the   backend interface. This includes product translations, product & group locations.

Signature Hybrid Configurable Catalog Released into Beta

A Beta-version of the Hybrid Configurable Catalog is now available. The hybrid provides a solution for industrial manufacturers with multiple millions – or even billions - of product combinations. It enables product configurators to be embedded in the standard catalog, from where they generate all the possible product combinations, based on predefined stages, selections and dependencies. As a consequence, the customer maintains a small data repository (in the hundreds or thousands) and can easily add or remove products simply by adjusting the dependencies.

Successful Participation in Automechanika and Irrigation World 2010 Expos

Signature-IT has recently exhibited with great success in two international expos:

  • Automechanika, the leading bi-annual exhibition of car parts, repair and service,in Frankfurt from September 14-19, 2010.
  • The Irrigation Show, the US’s leading expo for agricultural and landscape prodcuts, in Phoeinx, Arizona, from December 5-7, 2010.

At both shows, Signature-IT presented its wide range of catalog and configuration solutions for the respective markets:

  • Signature Intelligent e-Catalog - An ingenious, highly-visual and multilingual online catalog, tailored to the needs of your industry.
  • Signature Industrial Product Information Management (IPIM) - A unique platform for managing complex technical products and controlling the distribution of technical data across multiple channels.
  • The Signature Network - A unique, distributed product information network, linking subsidiaries and distribution partners to a centralized platform and providing full connectivity between multiple systems.
  • The Signature Configurator – An advanced tool for the intuitive and accurate user assembly of highly-complex products and systems.

Key Upcoming Events

Signature-IT will participate in the upcoming events in 2011.

  • AHR, Las Vegas, NV, January 31 - February 2
  • Fastener Fair, Stuttgart, Germany, February 22-24
  • FDIC, Indianapolis, IN, March 20-26 - Booth #3565

We look forward to meeting with you at these events!