• Product Focus: Visual Guided Selling
  • New Product: Cross-Media Publishing Solution
  • Formal Partnership Announcement
  • Industry Solution: Distributor Access to Inventory
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Product Focus: Simple to Complex Configurators

“Guided selling is a process that helps potential buyers of products or services to choose the product best fulfilling their needs and hopefully guides the buyer to buy. It also helps vendors of products to actively guide their customers to a buying decision and thus increases their conversion rate.” Wikipedia. 19 September 2011

Signature IT’s Guided Selling tool is seamlessly built into the Industrial e-Catalog interface and uses visual configuration aimed at guiding the user to define the optimal product combination for his needs. Be it an internal or external user, error-free configuration directs the user to the required product which automates part of the sales process and decreases incorrect ordering. By offering guided selling to the product, manufacturers can easily broadcast and define all feasible product combinations. Learn more about our Guided Selling solution for technical products today.

New Product: Cross-Media Publishing Print Solution

Don’t think: Print Catalog -> InDesign -> THEN Online
Think: Online -> Web2Print -> InDesign -> THEN Print!

Traditionally industrial manufacturers and distributors generated printed collateral including catalogs and brochures. These resources were later converted into PDF’S and loaded onto websites, but do not fully utilize the internet’s capabilities! Unbounded by paper-size or cost, modern online database and e-Catalog platforms offer rich data repositories with unlimited technical data and products that can be seen by Google and other search engines. Product-specific content and extensive data can now be searched and found easily! Companies are slowly discovering that creating a centralized product database for all channels is the right approach. Leveraging Signature-IT’s integrated database and print solution, the web to print process can be streamlined-- decreasing data inconsistencies and giving the ability to “print on-demand”. Manage your online and print catalog data from one location! Access more information on the Signature Industrial PIM.

New Partnership: Integrated Print Solution with InBetween

Signature-IT is delighted to announce a partnership with an innovator in dynamic database publishing software: InBetween. Signature and InBetween have joined forces to offer their industrial clients a complete online to print solution that streamlines the database to print solution, decreasing time and money in the process. Combining Signature’s robust industrial database and configurator and InBetween’s automated and flexible print software; time to print and product inconsistences will decrease dramatically. “I am excited about the many cost and time-saving possibilities and data reuse options for our clients as a result of this new strategic partnership and integration with the InBetween engine” says Roi Atzmon, CEO of Signature-IT. Both companies foresee a successful and long relationship ahead.

Industry Solution: Distributor Access to Inventory

Would it be helpful for you and your distributors to have direct access to inventory stock levels? Will offering full submittal and product data direct to secured users decrease internal time and effort? With Signature-IT’s secured Product Information Management platform (PIM), distributors have only to log-in, configure their exact product or search by product code, and view current stock levels and up-to-date product data. From here they can request a quote, order, or contact you directly. Create loyalty and decrease time in the ordering process with your distributors by offering a tool to access stock and data.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Alas, winter is here and the exhibition season is slowing down. However, there’s still a chance to meet us at the following shows where we’ll be visiting:

- AHR Expo in Chicago January 23rd-25th with the world’s best HVAC manufacturers and suppliers.

- WMPA in Las Vegas February 21st-23rd where petroleum and convenience store companies gather to market their businesses.