Spare Parts Management
Interactive, and easy-to-use, a spare parts interface that accesses the lucrative post-sales spares market.
Since industrial equipment can have a long shelf life, but some internal components do not, spare parts are an integral part of the sales cycle. According to the U.S. Bancorp, the spare parts market has an annual expenditure of over $700 billion. The Signature Spare Parts Management platform enables dealers, distributors, and end-customers to order spare parts independently, 24/7, worldwide. With visual product explosions, and interactive spare ordering, users can easily locate and order their replacement parts online. Consider the high profit and growing market, start offering an online spares solution today!
Interactive spare blowups with an extremely useful diagrammatic feature showing an “exploded” image of the product into its component parts
B2B e-Commerce and Request for Quotation (RFQ) for complete online ordering
Stores and displays all previously sold products with their unique serial number, bill of materials (BOM) and assembly drawing
Search by product code, model, and other product specifications
Reduce organizational costs and increase operational margins by freeing up manpower and offering online purchasing of spare parts
Reduce incorrect orders and product returns
Improve product support and maintain existing customer relationships, as users can access and order their parts from any location in the world, 24/7