Subsidiary Network
Streamline data sharing across locations and maintain data consistency by linking autonomous platforms to a single source of truth.
Sharing data across subsidiaries and around the world is a challenge for many global manufacturers. It’s vital to standardize product data as well as optimize data flow throughout the organization. Developed to meet the requirements of large, distributed companies, the Subsidiaries Network connects multiple Signature systems, enabling companies to link autonomous product engines to have congruent product data across divisions. Be clever with data management and data outputs, centralize corporate data and channel it to all subsidiaries.
Corporate system acts as primary data source propagating data to secondary systems. Read more about the Signature Network
Synchronized data modifications and notification system
Autonomous platforms; customized front-end interfaces, and unique database to hold local products and languages
Create unified branding and display consistent data
Offer geographic specific products, pricing, and marketing, but maintain congruency of core data
Reduce costs of data management and of inconsistent data