The Team
Advisory Board
Michael Oppenheimer, President
Michael joined the company in 2008 both as co-owner and president. By joining the company's advisory board Michael has brought additional managerial experience into the company. He was previously the General Manager and co-owner of a well respected European company traded on NASDAQ.
Nitzan Atzmon, Chairman
Nitzan brings to Signature-IT more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and marketing of technical products from a company he used to own and run. Since selling that company to a large organization in 1999, Nitzan has focused his business around London’s enterprise and construction industry. Nitzan is active in consulting Signature’s project teams during the planning and implementation stages. He holds a BA in Economics and Business Management.
Roi Atzmon, Founder, Managing Director
Roi founded the company in 2003 after working for four years as a senior consultant at KPMG's Corporate Finance department. Roi’s previous experience with a family-owned business gave him a deep understanding of the technical product market. This then prompted him to found Signature-IT on the concept of a ‘low-tech’ market exploiting ‘high-tech’ solutions to facilitate its future growth. Roi has a BA in Economics and Accountancy, a LLM degree in Law and is a CPA.


Matan Shinar, co-Founder, COO
Matan has been with the company from Day One and has masterminded the system and its development. He leads Signature’s departments and employees on a day-to-day basis and is responsible for the smooth operation of the company. Matan has a LLB degree in Law.
Zdislav Zaichik, co-Founder, CTO
Zdislav is the spirit behind the Signature system. He wrote the first line of code and now is responsible for keeping our system at the cutting-edge and planning all future advancements. When we talk about ‘innovation’ at Signature-IT, we’re talking primarily about Zdislav.