White Papers

White Papers

Industrial PIM vs. Classical PIM | Published Article

Overview Published in the quarterly prokomREPORT, CEO and founder of Signature-IT Roi Atzmon clarifies the main differences between a “Classical” Product Information Management (PIM) platform and an Industrial PIM (IPIM). He demonstrates the capabilities as well as benefits of the powerful and definitive IPIM and why industrial manufacturers are moving to this platform.

From Configure-to-Quote | Datasheet

Overview Companies looking to achieve an accurate and speedy quoting process are now using Configure-to-Quote (CTQ) software solutions. CTQ empowers internal sales people as well as external selling channels to easily configure products with technical support. Best-in-class CTQ platforms are interactive, give direct access to live data, and enable easy quoting and ordering of even the most complex products. Learn more about Signature's Configure-to-Quote platform in this datasheet.

Why an Online Solution? | White Paper

Overview This white paper addresses the effects of globalization and virtualization on industrial and traditional manufacturers and distributors. How and where product data is managed and marketed is changing as engineers, end-users, and distributors move to researching online and demand fast and accurate data at their fingertips. Online tools such as product configurators, guided selling, and web-based databases or Industrial PIM platforms serve not only as tools to increase sales, but also to decrease expenses.

What is an Industrial PIM? | Datasheet

Overview This datasheet introduces the main elements of Signature’s Industrial Product Information Management (IPIM) platform. Industrial manufacturers and distributors have a growing need to centralize and standardize their product data. The Industrial PIM provides a robust and flexible database to manage the data as well as a powerful engine to run sales, marketing and distributor tools.

Product Configuration | Datasheet

OverviewWhat makes a best-in-class configurator and how will it support your company in the sales cycle? Learn how the Signature Product Configuration Solution streamlines the sales process for standard Built-to-Stock (BTS) as well as customized Built-to-Order (BTO) products, and harvests the knowledge of your experienced sales and engineering teams.

B2B e-Commerce | Datasheet

OverviewWhy do industrial companies offer business-to-business e-commerce and what are some of the benefits? This datasheet gives a short introduction to the Signature B2B e-Commerce Solution and answers the “Why? How? And For Whom?” of industrial e-commerce.

Quote Generation | Datasheet

OverviewDoes your company struggle with long and complex quotation generation? Learn how the Signature Quote Generation platform can assist in the quotation process of even the most configurable and complex industrial products.