Complementary Products - Cross-sell products by featuring them on relevant product pages. The database automatically selects complementary products according to pre-defined matching criteria, displaying only those which are most appropriate. Utilize this feature to present additional product accessories and to highlight promotions. 


Spare Blowups - This extremely useful diagrammatic feature “explodes” the product into its component parts, showing how each individual component is assembled within the whole. Blowups simplify identification of a specific spare part, allow access to its technical data, and enable the user to validate choice before ordering. Using Signature Blowups reduces incorrect ordering and product returns, and enables dealers and customers to order spare parts independently.


System Administration - The system has intuitive and user-friendly front and back-end database management interfaces. Admin personnel can easily access the product repository and independently modify, add and delete products, as well as manage the visual layout of the e-Catalog.


ERP Integration - The e-Catalog offers integration with leading ERP vendors, among them SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Baan, Sage and others. In addition, it can be integrated with other corporate IT infrastructure and existing business logic such as Order Management, Pricing and Business Intelligence systems and processes.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The e-Catalog database architecture is fully optimized for search engines. Administrative interfaces allow customers to edit and control all SEO data, down to the specific catalog page. All software code has been reviewed by third-party search engine consultants and has been optimized to ensure maximum SEO compliancy.


Signature-Network Ready - Link subsidiary, distributor and supplier e-Catalogs directly through the Signature Network. Based on a centralized catalog database, the Network optimizes communication and coordination, thus reducing technical inconsistencies and product mismatches.


Cut Costs - Obtain sales leads that close faster, convert at higher rates and cost a fraction of traditional marketing-generated leads. Reduce the involvement of the support teams in the sale cycle, and thus the cost. Lower printing and mailing costs by maintaining an extensive online catalog with up-to-date data and manage online and hardcopy catalogs from one source.


Grow Business: Sell More and Easier - Expand online presence and rank high in the search results displayed to potential customers. More than 90% of engineers use the internet to locate technical product information; be seen at design time in order to get selected at purchase time. Capture new markets by offering products in the local language and displaying location-specific prices.


Better Allocate Manpower Resources - Reduce sales and customer service support costs by providing the customer with an easy-to-use and comprehensive online catalog; redirect sales attention to creating new accounts. Reduce the need for engineering support of the sales cycle and the number of technical sales queries received by offering enhanced online technical guidance.


Purchase No Software, Manage No Computers - The Signature e-Catalog is a Web-based solution, provided on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It demands no extra IT support and allows secure access from everywhere in the world. Signature-IT hosts and manages the system on 3rd party servers, delivering fast, secure and reliable service.


Cross-sell and Upsell - Increase product exposure by automatically promoting complementary products alongside those that are being viewed. Increase sales by sharing and displaying products across corporate subsidiaries and divisions.